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The Post-graduate Program accepts graduates of host departments of University of Thessaly, as well as of other departments of Greek Universities and Technological Institutes or equivalently certified foreign Universities and Technological Institutions. Specifically, in the Program are being accepted graduates of Economic Departments, Departments of Civil Engineering, Departments of Engineering and Science and Technology, and other similar specializations, as well as of Higher Military Schools of the country or equivalent foreign Institutions, the diploma of which has been recognized by Hellenic NARIC (Δ.Ο.Α.Τ.Α.Π, formerly known as ΔΙ.Κ.Α.Τ.Σ.Α). For foreign candidates, it is required to be familiar with the Greek language (according to the provisions of L.2083/92).

1 – To provide knowledge and solve problems pertaining to issues of Investments and Finance with the use of newer theories from the field of computational Physics.

2 – To prepare towards post-graduate studies of doctoral level.

The graduates of the program are specialized in the analysis of investments-risk with the use of advanced computational tools of data analysis, in order to be able to work in a broad range of subjects concerning the domain of investments.

More specifically, the graduates are able to work as senior executives or consultants in Stock Broking, Investing and Security Companies, in Real Estate Investment Companies, as well as in Departments of strategy and investments in large groups of companies.

Selection Criteria and corresponding contribution percentages (%)
  1. Grade of the diploma 20%
  2. Level of knowledge of foreign language or foreign languages 20%
  3. Information technology Skills (a certificate of proficiency in working with PCs, may be submitted to the secretariat) 10%
  4. Publications in scientific journals, presentations in scientific conferences 10%
  5. Acquisition of other Post-graduate Titles of Studies 10%
  6. Relevant Professional experience 10%
  7. Interview 20%

TOTAL 100%

In the assessment of the supporting documents, the submission of letters of recommendation is taken into consideration

The 1st (Winter) Semester and the 2nd (Spring) Semester include (4) four compulsory lessons and one seminar. Attendance of lessons is compulsory.

The total duration of the program is three semesters. In the first two semesters the students attend classes, while the third semester is devoted to the postgraduate diploma thesis.

The 3rd Semester is dedicated to the writing of the diploma thesis and relevant examination and there is no compulsory attendance.

The courses take place during Thursday – Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

The courses take place in the facilities of the Department of Economic Sciences of the University of Thessaly in Volos (Matsaggos Building).

The students take examinations at the end of each semester in all courses they have attended during the semester. Condition for participating in the exams is the full payment of the tuition fees. Part of, or the whole of students’ assessment is possible to be covered by essays in the respective subject.

The maximum number of enrollments is set to forty (40) students per year.

Partial attendance of the Program for six (6) semesters is provided with no additional financial obligation.


They are submitted online or in print (see instructions on the webpage). The letters of recommendation and the statutory declaration should be submitted in print (see sample), the later certified by KEP (Centers of Citizen Services). The letters of recommendation (see sample) should be sealed and signed on the sealing point of the envelope by the Professor/Employer and sent through post to the Secretariat of the Post-graduate Program prior to the date of interviews of the candidates.

The results are announced to the candidates within 5 working days after the completion of the interviews. The results are posted on the announcement boards of the Departments as well as on the webpage of the Program, at the Secretariat, as well as by e-mail to the candidates. The successful candidates should respond by normal mail or by e-mail within 15 (fifteen) days on their decision to enroll to the Program.

A non-immediate response from a successful candidate within the provided deadline signifies resignation from the candidacy. If there are any resignations the Secretariat will immediately call the next student in the classification list.


The whole cost for attending (tuition fees) the Post-graduate Program is 3200€.

The tuition fees are paid in a specific bank account of the program as follows:

  • 20% of the amount upon acceptance of new students in the Program.
  • 40% of the amount upon the commencement of the courses of Winter Semester.
  • 40% of the amount upon the commencement of the courses of Spring Semester.

There is also a possibility:

  • Of a 10% discount for the lump sum of the tuition fees upon acceptance of new students in the Program.
  • Of tuition fees payment in 12 (twelve) interest-free installments with the use of credit card. From this provision, the initial 20% payment upon acceptance in the Program is exempted.

Delay of payment of an installment for more than 30 days endangers students’ participation in the exams.


Scholarships of partial exemption from Tuition fees are granted based on academic and economic criteria. Assessment of academic performance is carried out based on the average grade in 1st semester courses. The number of candidates depends on the Program’s revenue and a final decision is made by the Special Interdepartmental Committee (S.I.C).

Α scholarship is not granted in the following cases:

  1. a Post-graduate student who already received a scholarship from another source.
  2. a Post-graduate student who is on an educational paid by the state leave.

In addition to the number of the accepted students, one (1) scholar of the State Scholarship Foundation (I.K.Y.), that had succeeded in the relevant national post-graduate studies competition in the knowledge area related to our Program and one (1) foreign scholar of the Greek State are accepted to the Post-graduate Program.

For the post-graduate students, as well as for the doctoral candidates the provisions of paragraph 8 article 43 L.2413/1996 (GG 124 A’) related to student loans are in effect.

  • Student Identification Card
  • Health and Hospital Care in case they are not otherwise covered.
  • Meals at the Students’ Club
  • Access to the Informational Sources of the Central Library and a borrower member card
  • Electronic mail (E-mail)
  • Access to internet (the buildings have WI-FI)
  • Access to internet from an external provider, access to the online services of the University of Thessaly and the TEI of Thessaly from a remote computer through VPN. For more information see the site: it.uth.gr


If you still have questions that are not included in the F.A.Q., please, conduct your own question by filling in the form. Don’t forget to fill in your personal data in the relevant fields and press the button «Message submission». We will receive your question and will reply by email as soon as possible!

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